Climate talks collapse in longest UN COP ever

by Felix von Geyer, Madrid

Any route to success for the 25th Convention of the Parties (COP) in the United Nations climate process is teetering on collapse as the annual climate conference surpassed its longest conference to date, COP17 in Durban 2011 that wrapped up at six-thirty a.m. Sunday morning..

Before 4 a.m. Sunday morning, many negotiators stated that Article 6 talks had as good as collapsed albeit Chilean Environment Minister and COP25 President Carolina Schmidt Zaldivar is believed to be renegotiating with delegates.

Article 6.2 requires countries to develop ambition for countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through Nationally Determined Contributions. An accounting framework to reduce emissions via Internationally Traded Mitigation Outcomes, and make corresponding adjustments in transferring credits from previous Kyoto Protocol mechanisms such as nationally Assigned Amount Units, Clean Development Mechanisms emissions reduction ion units while establishing methods to avoid double counting of emissions under Article 6.2

Article 6.4 stipulates for Parties to adopt rules and procedures for a mechanism supervised by the Conference of Parties to meet the Paris Agreement and overall mitigation in greenhouse emissions (OMGEs) through private and public investments.

Article 6.8 provides for both non-market based mitigation schemes and other international mitigation schemes such as the offsetting scheme for international aviation, CORSIA, under the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Yet meetings for Article 6 and the Warsaw International Mechanism both stalled and revised texts were provided throughout the early hours of Sunday morning with Carolina Schmidt again negotiating with heads of delegations in closed negotiation meetings.

A 4 a.m. stock taking plenary had been scheduled to publicly air Parties’ grievances to the text and was subsequently postponed to 5 a.m. and now to 8 a.m.

To be continued….


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